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Efficiently and accurately transferring your data.

With our deep product and accounting knowledge we ensure a smooth transition when upgrading or switching software applications; carrying out a data conversion or transfer of data, giving you peace of mind that all existing data is intact and accounts are accurate.

Data Conversion

When your company changes which version of QuickBooks you are using, it is necessary to change your current data into a format the new version can use. This process is necessary when upgrading from one year of QuickBooks to a newer one, upgrading from Pro or Premier to Enterprise, or changing to or from a desktop QuickBooks version to QuickBooks Online.

How a Data Conversion Works

While a data conversion is designed to be a simple process, and normally go very smoothly, the best results come from making sure your file is ready for the conversion and checking the results afterwards to make sure the process worked as expected. Our team brings years of experience to the process to keep it simple for you.


data conversion is converting from one type of QuickBooks to another and is usually fairly simple, such as Desktop to QBO, vice versa, or upgrading from Pro to Enterprise. The results have to be checked to make sure it went as expected, and may require some work to correct the results, although it is a minor project compared to a migration.

Conversely, a data migration is extracting needed data from a QuickBooks file, or data exported from another accounting software, and making a new QuickBooks file from that data, which is a very complex process.

Depending on the specific type of conversion and the size of your file, converting desktop versions can take a few hours if the file has good data integrity. We verify the integrity of your original file prior to the conversion, convert the file, and verify the converted file.  In some instances, additional time may be required for repairing data issues. The amount of time will depend highly on the specific issues encountered.

Converting to or from QuickBooks Online can take a bit longer because the actual conversion process involves the QuickBooks Online cloud servers either importing your data from a desktop file or exporting to a desktop file. We verify the desktop file at the appropriate point in the process and confirm that the data converted as expected.

The length of time necessary to complete a conversion varies per project, which is primarily based upon the size of your company. Give our team a call today to find out how we can help.

For upgrading to a newer or more complex desktop version, it does. Any missing data would usually indicate an issue in your source file which we can address and then convert again as part of our process.

There are differences in functionality between the desktop and Online versions which affect what data comes over and how it is visible. In a general sense all the financial data does come over, although transaction types may be converted to an equivalent type, and many customizations such as memorized reports will need to be recreated. We can discuss the details if you are considering this type of conversion, so that you can plan and end up with a result that meets your needs going forward.

Yes, there are some circumstances where a data conversion becomes impossible to directly achieve. A desktop file with data going back many years may be too large to convert to QuickBooks Online using the conventional conversion process.

A desktop file may also have data issues which are unable to be easily repaired, which would either prevent the conversion process from completing or produce unexpected results in the converted file.

Either situation may need a data migration to a completely new company file instead.

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