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QuickBooks File Services

Corrupt database or slow file? We’ll check everything from database stability to ledger tie-outs, and deliver a plan of action.

How It Works

Whether you are currently using QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise, or QuickBooks Online, our detailed 360-Point QuickBooks file review service provides you with a comprehensive report on the state of your QuickBooks file.

We review the data file, balance sheet, income statements and look for best workflows and feature usage. We focus on the different list items you use, how you use them; the different transaction types and how you use them. Our goal is to provide input for industry and accounting standards so you can gain insights to better ways to run your QuickBooks file.

Upon completion, we will schedule a one hour call with you to go over the results and put together a project plan that will take you from where you are now to where you should be.

Software Usage Review

  • Check your file size, list usage, and whether you are in the right version of QuickBooks.  We may also have recommendations for moving to a different version of QuickBooks or additional add-ons for QuickBooks based on your business or industry needs to enhance your user experience.
  • Confirm that transaction types and reporting basis are being used correctly.
  • Review your feature usage in QuickBooks and determine if turning on features or changing preferences will lead to better usage and reporting inside of QuickBooks.
  • Perform other general database performance checks and note any potential issues.

Balance Sheet Review

  • Month over month comparison to determine material variances that could indicate an issue.
  • Check that accounts are being reconciled and used properly.
  • Confirm balances shown on the balance sheet are current and tie-out to different sub-schedules.
  • Review the overall structure of the balance sheet for improvements that could be made to formatting leading to better visibility with reporting.

Profit and Loss Review

  • Month over month comparison to determine material variances that could indicate an issue.
  • Look at how items are being used and possibly leading to inconsistent gross profit margins.
  • Review the overall structure of the income and expense accounts for improvements that could be made to formatting leading to better visibility with reporting.

Common Reasons For a QuickBooks File Review

QuickBooks Running Slowly

Is your QuickBooks file slow to open or run? Some common reasons for a slow or clunky QuickBooks experience are:

  • Using incorrect version of QuickBooks for your business needs.
  • Using old, unsupported version of QuickBooks
  • File size too large.
  • External or custom plugins have not been updated in a timely manner
  • File corruption
  • Too much legacy data

QuickBooks File Corruption

If you’re having trouble even opening your QuickBooks file, you likely are experiencing file corruption. This sometimes results from an incorrect initial build, but can also happen when you update without checking the file, or when you add plugins and custom programming.

The Intuit “Rebuild File” tool can only handle a small fraction of the types of file corruption that happen in QuickBooks.

Our team can easily diagnose the problems in your file, open even a badly damaged file, repair the problem, and deliver a clean file back to you.

Numbers Not Adding Up

QuickBooks is meant to make running your business easier. But if the file isn’t working properly you might experience:

  • Out of balance
  • Negative inventory
  • Balance sheet not working
  • Can’t run profit & loss

These problems can cause irreparable damage to your company file and result in incorrectly reported earnings.

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