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Inventory management is a challenge for any business. QuickBooks Enterprise software can help you keep track of hundreds of thousands of inventory items and much more.


  • Clearly see how much inventory you have on hand. Cycle Count reconciles discrepancies between estimated and actual inventory counts in real-time.

  • Follow inventory every step of the way. Track items among multiple locations right down to the bin level and serial or lot number.

  • Choose the best accounting method for you, including FIFO, average costing, and now landed cost, which helps you identify true product costs to make better profit, pricing and sales decisions while you also eliminate manual workarounds.

  • Simplify work with a barcode scanner. You can enter inventory data faster and more efficiently that way.

  • Save time by streamlining your order fulfillment process with one dashboard to manage all of your inventory tasks from one place including picking, packing and shipping.

  • Make informed business decisions with customizable inventory reports.

This short video shows you more about how managing inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise works.


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